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Banking Trojans disguise attack targets in the Cloud

8 years ago | 5704 Views

G Data found a new configuration of the banking Trojan ZeuS

Cloud-Technologies are popular and widely spread – whether for storage of data, rented computational power or as part of protection technologies. Also cybercriminals discover the practical approach. Experts from G Data SecurityLabs spotted a new trend: Attacks by information stealers, a kind of malware which also includes banking Trojans, that are obscured using cloud technologies.

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If you are doing on-line banking, an anti virus system alone will give you no protection. You must install a complete internet security system.

Do you use an antivirus software on your PC?
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Tags: banking Trojan, Trojan ZeuS, G Data, anti virus


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SecNews 8 years
G Data detects these and other Trojans by using CloseGap, Behaviour Blocker and BankGuard.
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