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Internet Monitoring and Brand Protection

6 years ago | 7882 Views

A review of the past 10 years in cyber security opened our eyes here at Massive. Reflecting on over 50 international security conventions, hundreds of white papers and government policies, we now see the gaping whole in security industry comes down to one thing.

Any attack of a sizeable nature has to be planned, strategized and discussed. This means that somewhere there is a trace of the attack happening now having been discussed much earlier. In an article on, the topic of pre-planned cyber criminal activity is covered well.

Internet monitoring for Brands has been around for a while. Primarily used for reputation or trend-mapping, use of tools like Radian6 are a fantastic for PRs, CMOs and Marketing Executives, but for the Chief Security Officer they are close to useless.

Let’s take the infamous Silk Road as an example. The underground hub of online drug dealing, illegal trading, hiring hitmen, paraphernalia and other sordid subjects like child porn; the underground Black Market protected itself nicely in the TOR Network. Covered in-depth in this article by Jivan Achreja, the TOR Network was the perfect, anonymous play ground for such a blatant criminal activity to thrive on for over 2 years until it was shut down by the FBI and NSA.

So that sums it up. Internet Monitoring is now vital for 2014 Brand Protection. To Learn more Check it out.
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