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Critical “Ghost” Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

8 years ago | 8188 Views

In some PHP-applications revealed the potential exploitation of critical vulnerability GHOST (CVE-2015-0235), which allows to organize code execution when processing a specially designed data Glibc-function gethostbyname. 

PHP language provides a function gethostbyname (), which is a function of the same name strapping libc, making it vulnerable to the call using web-applications. 

In particular, using gethostbyname in the code of the content management system WordPress, which transfer to the user values are used directly in the call gethostbyname function when checking the URL wp_http_validate_url (). In this operation gethostbyname in WordPress is difficult due to the fact that the host name is derived from the URL using the function parse_url (), parses the URL for the individual fields.

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Tags: Vulnerability, WordPress


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