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VIPRE Antivirus is the best anti virus protection that doesn't slow down your PC

8 years ago | 11533 Views

If you would like antivirus which scans effectively, just go for VIPRE Antivirus. This software is generated by GFI company. Its main work is to protect against spyware and antivirus. In addition to that, it maintains your security when you are emailing. Nevertheless, it is can be used for security maintenance when you are sending instant message sessions. Since media removal are a source of malware, VIPRE antivirus can assist you in scanning items for example USB thumb drives when the antivirus detects that they have been inserted. A part from the above application, VIPRE provides good technical support and test well to its users.

Performance of VIPRE antivirus

During the 2012 autumn, windows 7 tests were conducted by the AV-Tests labs in which VIPRE was included. Overlay, viper scored 3.5 points out of 6 points for being able to prevent infections. For repairing infected PC, the VIPRE score was 4.5 out of 6 points. Stability was also part of the AV-test of which VIPRE scored 4 out 6 points.

Features of VIPRE

One of the features that VIPRE antivirus has is the removal of conflicts with other security programs during installation. When the programs have been installed, the next job that VIPRE has is to scan drives to detect if there is any malware so that it can remove any threats. As compared to initial scan, the next scan is faster. VIPRE antivirus could also be used to protect from threats which may occur during emailing or web surfing. Through media removal, viper is also used for identification of any threats that attempt- to enter through removable media or USB.

GFI company, who are the source of VIPRE antivirus has its own lab at the headquarters makes itself to all potential zero day threats. This could assist the antivirus to know what is what is attacking the data base installed. Basing on the threats received it sends out the updates. After receiving all the threats which hit The VIPRE, GFI can be updated thus millions of users cannot have any problem.

Help and support

After subscribing, you will get assed to software upgrades, VIPRE security News, and technical support. The team which is conscientious and responsive is the technical support team. The technical support request are taken from 3a.m to 6 p.m ( eastern standard time ) and responsive hours. You can also get telephone access and live chat support from GFI.


In conclusion, vipre anti-virus is significant because it can be: easily installed, protects efficiently and scans faster. The third party results can be used for testing disinfects and malware threats as it can be used easily. With, GFI, you can get technical support which is excellent. As highlighted above, you can go for VIPRE software since it very convenient. The antivirus can protect your computer from any threats. This can resist formatting of your pc. When you format your computer, the saved data will be lost and cannot be retrieved. Therefore, you need to get the VIPRE antivirus which is the best and you can enjoy using your PC without any problem.

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Do you use an antivirus software on your PC? If so, what one do you run?
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Anonymous user 8 years
Why is it that the spelling of vipre changes to viper without any exlanation.
Anonymous user 8 years
You can protect your Windows OS against viruses by using Microsoft Security Essentials
Anonymous user 8 years
VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware is rated one of the best antivirus programs
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